Murals in Oak Park

December 3, 2008

-This is part of the first mural I spotted while driving by Oak Park. There were a series of different murals painted by the Beye School 2nd Graders.  A lot of the murals are pretty reflective of work done by a child. Many of the murals featured a lot of aspects of childhood from the Girl Scouts, a child’s imagination, to even feelings of optimism.

-I also found more murals by some different artists. many of these murals underneath the El tracks on streets such as South and Wesley & South and Central.

-Many of the murals were also extremely impressive in terms of detail. Though I was not able find out who the artist(s) was for the following series of murals. Themes of community and urban life seemed pretty evident when the artist(s) painted them.


-I found more murals by some unknown artists that showed some influential figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. The following murals featured more vivid, flamboyant colors along with a more urban look and feel. They also feature some emblematic images associated with Chicago, such as the El, skyscrapper buildings, etc.



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